No Request Was Ever Made

No request was ever made, but I receive a wake-up ‘caw’ every morning at dawn.

Just outside my dining room window stands a lofty maple tree, whose branches extend over my patio, nearly draping my window.

As I come awake with coffee, my dear friends, the crows, will perch there where they can see me and ‘caw.’ If I move, the cawing stops as they anticipate their breakfast. I gingerly walk outside with their choice food, leftover pizza.

They seldom leave their lofty perch as I approach, but zoom earthward as the first piece hits the ground. Sometimes their bellies are full, but they dare not leave a morsel for another forager. Piece by piece they travel around my garden hiding leftovers for later. They push bits into the soil, then take leaves, grass or snow, and cover their next meal, being careful to hide it from other hopefuls. If the pizza has hardened, they cleverly take each piece, drop it into the bird bath to soften, turning it over and over until it is just the right consistency.

At times, just before sunset, a lone crow perches on one of the wires high overhead, as if it has been chosen to take note if an evening lunch is possible. I go with food in hand, stand on the patio, and watch. Its glimpse of me sends it into a raucous cawing; within minutes all my black feathered friends gather for their evening snack. The meal finished, they fly off with a softer caw and to my ears, it’s a grateful expression of thanks.

- Submitted by Jean Nash in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland

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