A Birdie??

A golfer’s observations from the Bedale Golf Club in the Yorkshire Dales……


I was playing a round at Bedale

Not doing too bad up ’til now

’Twas the 15th with time left to win it

And I placed my ball with a ‘bow’.


You’ve all seen the helpers at Majors

with placards saying ‘Quiet’, ‘Hush’ please

And heaven help any spectator

Who dares to cough - let alone sneeze.


It’s not like that here at Bedale

From the treetops behind us - you know

Before I’d taken my tee shot

Erupted the noisiest crow.


I would not have minded a comment

If my shot had merited such

But the mocking noise from the culprit

I’m sure caused the ‘glitch’ to my touch.


Thanks to Dave Grant,  Northallerton, Yorkshire